Letter from the Secretary General

Honorable delegates and MUN directors,

It is with pride and honor that I invite you all to the Ninth Annual Session of the Oasis International School Model United Nations conference (OISMUN 2016), taking place next November, at Oasis International School campus, located in Cairo, Egypt.

Being the only bilingual THIMUN-affiliated conference in Egypt, OISMUN preserves its uniqueness when offering both English and French committees.

We have six English committees; the Security Council, the International Court of Justice, the General Assembly, and the Human Rights Council. Moreover two Sub-Commissions have been introduced as of this year; the Economic and Social Council Sub-Commission 1: Science and Technology for Development as well as Sub-Commission 2: Status of Women. Our French committees are the Security Council (Conseil de Securité), Human Rights Council (Conseil du Droits de l’Homme). To serve this year’s theme, our Special Conference Committee will be the french version of G20. In addition, the Crisis Committee, with their on spot critical skills, seeks to develop our delegates’ critical thinking and help them find solutions to the complex crises.

With that being said, OISMUN does not only target students within the school borders community, but also encourages the participation of international schools.

This year’s OISMUN team aims to deliver a one of a kind experience with its debate of high standard, and quality of organization based on our theme “Striving to develop reliable, sustainable, innovative and qualified infrastructure”.

On behalf of the Oasis International School Model United Nations team, I look forward to welcoming you in our conference.

Best Regards,


Nada A. Gabr

Secretary General



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